This guy says he does websites for $600
by: Nicolas

How many times have I heard this one... And to be honest, if I didn't own a web design company I would have absolutely no idea how much a website cost; just the same as I don't know how much a facial treatment cost. The average person can guess that a breast augmentation operation is probably going to cost more than $5,000, but a website...?

As a general rule you can consider that if someone has the skills and experience to create a website that will both make an accurate representation of your business, and attract new customers, they are not going to agree to create a website for 2 or 3 times less than what they normally charge; unless they believe that you are an incredible source of referral business.

Let's take a minute and look at the math being the number...

To create a custom, professional website it takes between 10 to 12 hours all inclusive (except for travel time to meet with client). So at $600 per website that's about $50 per hour (600/12=50). Not bad in this economy, most of you will say, but let's take a closer look...

Here is what to consider:

  • Number months were spent learning web design and marketing
  • Number of months spent learning about the market's demands and needs
  • Number of hours learning about new code, methods, etc...
  • Cost of computers (which need changing often due to intensive use)
  • Cost of software
  • Cost to acquire the client (advertising)
  • Driving time
  • Operating expenses (internet connection, server(s), electrical, car, car insurance, etc...)
  • Lost income (bounced checks, etc...)
  • And other random expenses

When you take all this into consideration, $50 per hour starts to sound like the cost of running the office...

So if the cost of running the office is $20 per hour and the profit is $30, then the web designer is left with $30 per hour for themselves; which is about the same thing that the web designer would make as a full time salaried employee of a larger web design firm, or large company with an internal web department.

Why would anyone want the insecurity of being a freelancer when they can go and work for a company and get $25 per hour plus benefits? The answer is simple, they wouldn't!

So usually they do it for a while; and then they realize that it's too much to take, and go work for someone else. In the process of saving their asses (and their marriages most of the time), they leave a lot of angry customers that don't understand why "that idiots doesn't answer the phone when I call him" or "I don't understand, I sent him an email saying that we needed more work, and he doesn't seem to be wanting the business"

The reason for their attitude towards your new business simple: they resent what they do because they feel like they are doing it in vain. No matter how many new websites at $600 each they get; it is never enough to move forward.

If someone promises to do your website for $600 you're probably looking at one of two situations: 1 you're dealing with a crook, 2 you're dealing with someone who is going to drop the ball on you at some point in time.

The average website designed by a professional firm should cost between $1,200 and $1,600, and you have to ask yourself, if someone came to you and offered you half what you normally charge, would you take it? If the salmon is 50% off at a restaurant you've never been to before, would you order it, or question its freshness?

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Article date: Jun. 05 2010

Article type: Web Design


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