Why doesn't my web designer want my business???
by: Nicolas

After hearing the same story yet another time, I decided it was worth writing an article about it...

I have gotten quite a few phone calls from prospective customer who ask the following question: "why doesn't my web designer answer my call when I want to give him more work to do on my website?"

Seriously, who turns down business? But more specifically, who turns down business from an existing customer??? Now some of you might think “well, maybe it was a difficult client and the designer didn't want to deal with them” – wrong. These clients are usually very nice and easy to deal with, why wouldn't the web designer take the business?

After asking my new customer a few quick and simple questions, and looking at the source code of the website, things usually start to make sense. Most of the time the website was not setup properly and now a small change becomes a big deal not worth the money, for that web designer.

With experience, it is actually possible to guess the exact response the web designer gave the client based on the client's complaint.

In some instances it is possible to find an easy fix to an experienced web designer's mistakes; in other instances, their lack of knowledge of web design was such that it is easier to start over from scratch, either way, a professional web designer will always find a solution for you.

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Article date: May. 11 2011

Article type: Web Design


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