7 Reasons why you need to have your website professionally designed
by: Nicolas

The following are the top 7 reasons why you should hire a professional firm to design your website:

  1. You are not a web designer - Someone who designs websites for a living is capable of creating a website much faster than someone who does not. Your time is valuable, even if you know how to code HTML and CSS, a professional web designer will work much faster than you. You own a camcorder, would you attempt filming your own TV commercial?
  2. You are not a marketing expert Someone who creates marketing tools for his/her clients on a daily basis is more qualified than you to create a marketing tool. In addition, they get to work on the marketing materials of many different businesses, and therefore gain a broad experience you don't have. Marketers have also experienced what works for others and what doesn't. Hiring a professional marketer will allow you to tap into those resources.
  3. Some "tricks" can hurt more than help There are tons of self-help websites on the internet when it comes to the kind of information that should be put on a website. Not all of it is good; as a matter of fact, most of it is inaccurate. A professional web designer uses his or her experience and understanding of Search Engines and visitor behaviors in order to determine what will help Google find your site, and what might red flag Google and cause your website to be blacklisted, or simply hard to find.
  4. Your competitors hire professional people Without exception, all your successful competitors have hired a professional web design firm to create and market their website on the internet; why would you want to do any different? It's working fine for them, why wouldn't it work just as well for you? Simply put: if you are trying to achieve comparable results, you need to use comparable methods and that includes hiring a professional firm to work on the marketing and programming of your website.
  5. Your budget is more than sufficient Would you rather spend $600 on a website that produces no leads at all; or $2,500 in a website that generates $50,000 worth of business? It's not the cost of the website that matters, it is what the website will do for you. If a $600 website does nothing for you, then it's the most expensive website in the world!
  6. You only have the experience of you Professional web designers work with many different clients every month. They are always looking at doing something better for their clients. In the process of finding out what works in bringing a client business, they also learn what doesn't work. Hiring a professional web designer will allow you to cash in on the web designer's experience of what works and what doesn't.
  7. You hire a pro for everything else It never crossed your mind, not even for a second, to try to do your own root canal, or offer your spouse to do theirs. Why would you want to do your own website? Think about it, what seems to be harder changing the oil on your car or creating a website? And yet, all of the people who try to create their own websites take their cars in for service... Interesting, right?

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Article date: Jun. 05 2011

Article type: Web Design


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