Is my website right for my business?
by: Nicolas

Do you have a gut feeling that your website isn't where it should be? Do you think your web designer might have not told you the whole story, or worst, does he even know the whole story? Is it time to sit down and analyze your online presence?

The following list is a check list which will help you determine if you need help with your website. The answers to these questions should help you put your website in perspective and help you figure out if it is time to do some work on your website.

So, here goes:

  1. Does your website effectively, and accurately, convey your message to prospective customers?
  2. Is your website's look and feel in harmony with your business model?
  3. Does your phone number appear on all of your web pages?
  4. When visiting your website for the first time, is it obvious which geographical area you are offering your service in?
  5. Do you have a link system which makes it that visitors never have to search for more than 5 seconds to know how to contact you?
  6. Do you have a link system that insures that, at all times, your visitors know how to navigate from one page to the next?
  7. Do you have a section dedicated to explaining what your services and/or products are?
  8. Is your physical address or P.O. Box on your website?
  9. Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers on your website?
  10. Do you display a special offer or coupon to first time customers on your website?

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Article date: Jun. 04 2011

Article type: Web Design


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