Why starting businesses need a website
by: Nicolas

In today's world, unless you have a very specific type of niche business, you need a website. Starting businesses need it even more because they don't have the advantage of word of mouth and reputation.

"You need a website" doesn't mean you need whatever comes free from your phone company or accounting software. "You need a website" means you need a website designed and thought by an expert internet marketing company.

Let's analyze the issues that your website will need to address:

  • You have no reputation (you are a new business)
  • You have no recurring customers
  • No word of mouth
  • Lots of competitors with more experience and more money
  • Limited funds (because you've spent so much to get the business started)

As a new business, you will need a website which makes an accurate and precise description of what your services/products are, and what your corporate philosophy is. In addition, it will need to display your business and contact information in an easy fashion, so that customers never wonder what you do, where you do it, and how to contact you.

Any failure to convey your message properly on your website will result in your website's visitors to move on to the next website (your competitor). Since you are a starting business without an established client base, this lead is doubly important. Not only is loosing a lead, the loss of potential income; but it is also the loss of an opportunity at establishing a relationship with yet another client to help build your client base.

Hiring a professional web designer or a marketing company with extensive experience in web design and internet marketing will ensure that you are not passing out on leads from the internet.

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Article date: May. 13 2011

Article type: Internet Marketing


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